We, the team at CENTRIO, are a young progressive company with several years of experience in the area of software development.
We offer:


As a company of the PERI group, we gained our know-how and experience from the construction supplier industry. This comprehensive knowledge qualifies our team to integrate complex processes and project structures into well-structured, networked IT solutions and it gives us the ability to apply them successfully.
The combination of well-founded knowledge and independent agile start-up makes CENTRIO a partner who understands the needs of its customers and supplies innovative and sustainable solutions precisely tailored to their requirements.


Together with the PERI subsidary TECTOCOM we develop user-friendly and adaptable IT products. Our target is digitalization of the construction project, to ensure and maintain an overview of all processes at all times. We provide our customers the ability to transparently present complex information and link them in a well-structured manner. This facilitates you to smoothly manage processes and increase efficiencies whilst also successfully reducing costs. We put value on a reliable long-term partnership and offer security on your way to success.
We will support you until the common goals have been reached and we will remain your reliable partner – hands on and focused.

Both CENTRIO and TECTOCOM are certified according to ISO 27001.